152-acre Brownfield Site Acquisition and Redevelopment Burlington County, New Jersey


A Brownfield acquisition and development firm retained K&A key personnel to provide strategic consulting to resolve remediation and land use permitting. Preliminary Site investigations identified over 200 Areas of Concern including potential sediment impacts in a sensitive ecosystem. Since the property was located on a major estuary compliance with state and federal waterfront development regulations presented schedule and financial challenges to project feasibility.


K&A personnel conducted critical file reviews, and analysis of engineering, and permitting requirements to develop project plans to expedite site work and permitting.


Effective technical and regulatory strategies were implemented to achieve  environmental compliance, site redevelopment schedules and transaction financial proforma. The acquisition was successfully completed.


Site permitting is progressing as planned at local, county, state , and federal levels.


K&A has been selected as owner’s representative to provide oversight for site remediation, land use planning, permitting and eco–risk analysis .  Associates for this assignment include experts in civil engineering, land use planning, permitting and eco-risk assessment.

95-acre Landfill Solar Project

Morris County, New Jersey


A solar investor/developer planned to lease a 95-acre landfill and NPL Site for installation and operation of a 17 MW photo-voltaic power plant. To assess project feasibility, K&A key personnel conducted an assessment of landfill construction and remediation.


The site remediation was performed by state contractors. They installed a multi-layer soil cap, gas venting and drainage systems. K&A personnel assess risk factors for landfill cap use and conducted investigations to assess implications of risk factors on plant layout and safe life cycle operation.


Historic cap monitoring reports showed evidence of cap deformation and failure due to differential settlement. Geo-technical studies and site inspections were performed to analyze landfill cap stability and suitability for reuse. Over 12 acres of the cap presented conditions unsuitable for solar array installation.


The due diligence investigation assisted the developer avoid major site development constraints requiring site remediation. Related costs would have eroded project financial profitability and long- term solar plant production capacity.


Contract negotiations were required to address cap repair cost allocation between the developer, state agency and host community. K&A key personnel provided technical representation to support negotiations.