Strategic Consulting 

Environmental Liability Management 

Asphalt Manufacturing Plant

Somerset County, New Jersey 


K&A was retained to perform a critical analysis of potential operational impacts to soil and groundwater conditions. Based upon a review of historic site development and manufacturing operations and site geohydrologic conditions, K&A developed a strategic plan to investigate risks from above ground tankage, a rail alignment with a liquids offloading area, and a former landfill.


A Geophysical survey was performed to assess underground piping alignments and to assess the extend of a reported landfill on the property. Preliminary soil investigations were completed in areas of suspected underground tankage. Concurrently, K&A analyzed readily available regulatory files from an adjacent site where groundwater investigations are underway. 

Due Diligence Investigation

Acquisition Coatings Manufacturing Plan

Morris County, New Jersey


K&A performed a preliminary assessment of the regulatory history of this acquisition target and surrounding operations to assist an investor in understanding potential implications for a lease purchase transaction in conjunction with environments.


Environmental  Consulting 

Environmental Liability Management 

Commerical Building Complex

Union County, New Jersey 


To support the re-financing of this four building complex, a Preliminary Site Assessment was performed and  Recognized Environmental conditions were reported; above ground fuel tanks, a suspected underground tank,a waste oil handling area and soil impacts.


K&A performed site investigations and then implemented above ground tank decommisioning for two fuel tanks. A geophysical survey, test pits were performed at the suspected tank location. A tank was located and removed. After post- excavation soil analysis and tank inspection, tank closure was completed under the direction of an LSRP. At two other above ground tank locations, tanks were sampled, liquids classified and then tanks and associated  secondary containment were pumped out and removed.


The work was expedited to meet transaction requirements.

Due Diligence Investigation 

Acquisition Industrial Warehouse Bergen County, New Jersey 


K&A provided a Phase one/Preliminary Site Assessment to provide "innocent buyer" defense under state and federal regulatory guidelines.